Stroke of Insight – Jill Bolte Taylor

Takes a moment for Taylor to get to the story, but it is one of the best stories ever told. She enlightens us to the theoretical differences between the hemispheres of the brain through her experience of a stroke one morning. The left side of her brain nearly completely shut down, and what was left was quite amazing. Her story draws insight into the understanding of schizophrenia as well as our spiritual connection with others through sensation and identity. She believes that everyone can achieve nirvana and that this will lead to a peaceful world.


I’ve Been to the Mountain Top – Martin Luther King

This was Martin Luther King’s last speech given April 3, 1968. The next day he died. His words emanate a transcendence from the fear of death. He did not fear what any man would do to him, because he had seen the Kingdom of God. He knew that all the people he represented would see it too, even if he should die. He believed. Can you? That is compassion, that is the way of righteousness and that is the platform we would like to bring to you, the people.


Chi healing – Dynamo Jack

At what point does your brain determine reality? What does ancient wisdom tell us about the mind and soul? The illusions of duality and the nature of wholeness reveals a bigger picture, where you are bigger than your body. This man did not want to achieve fame for publicly displaying his “powers” for they represented an ancient wisdom not to be taken lightly, as entertainment, or as tricks and magic. This is a sacred spiritual bond to oneself and the universe.

Military Industrial Complex – Dwight Eisenhower 

A great military general and president telling us the military complex has developed into a monster, 50 years ago. “Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machine of defense with our peaceful message and goals.” We wish to inform  a respectful dissent towards the government, based on facts, philosophy, and morality, not character attacks against one party or another.

We can’t stop dreaming – Neil deGrasse Tyson

How much would you pay to drop an apple into a blackhole and see what happens? Because right now your paying less than a penny per tax dollar spent, and it’s not cutting it. Instead most of your money is going to dropping bombs in another country. Isaac Newton discovered the laws of motion from watching an apple fall, they used the math to shoot cannon balls. Einstein discovered the energy generated by splitting an atom, and they killed millions with it. We can’t let them keep stealing our dreams.